Loft Hotel Review

Loft Hotel was our base hotel when we had our 2 weeks holiday in Korea. Although it is only 3 stars hotel, we love it so much. It’s a beautiful hotel and there are a lot of eateries and mini markets nearby the hotel. Not enough with one, we found 2 mini markets nearby hotel.

Hollys coffee and Hongkong Banjum is just located across the hotel (3 mins walking distance). Paris Baquette can be reached within 5 mins walking distance.
If you are bored with hotel breakfast, there is one small restaurant beside the hotel selling Korean porridge. At night, Korean bbq restaurant is open beside the hotel. Visitors can find variety of Korean food around the hotel including tteokbokki, gimbap, gamjatang, fried chicken and cola etc.

For the room itself, we booked Deluxe twin room for our stay. The room size is so spacious and there is separate bathroom inside the room. Bathtub, toilet bowl and shower are placed in separate area. Interior inside the room is modern, designed as a romantic bedroom. Loft hotel also provide a music player with romantic CD song. The atmosphere inside the bedroom is really romantic.

Breakfast spread is limited and the menu is always the same every day. After few days, we are getting bored with the breakfast.

Subway station (Dangsan station) can be reached by foot around 10-15 minutes. Loft hotel also provide free washing for their guest, which is pleasantly surprise us. Hotel guest can hand over one bag of dirty clothes every day for free washing.

The thing that we like:
-The interior of the room
-Spacious of the room
-Cd player and romantic CD song
-Everything is clean
-A lot of eateries nearby hotel
-2 mini markets nearby hotel
-5 minutes walking distance to limousine airport hotel
-One bag free washing every day

The thing that we don’t like:
-Quite far from subway station
-Limited breakfast spread
-Dim lighting inside the room

Overall, we love to stay in Loft hotel and we are willing to come back to this hotel. If you are relax type of traveller, romantic type of traveller, love to eat and do not really mind to have hotel location a bit far from centre of Seoul, I believe that you will really love this hotel.