Interesting Collection at Museum Angkut Batu, Malang

Museum Angkut is an interesting and informative education park/museum at Batu Malang with huge collection of old cars, trucks and any other means of transportation ever existed, starting from the traditional one until the modern transportation like electric cars.
Besides being able to see various collections of vehicles from different parts of the world, visitors will also see a typical building of a country as the background of vehicles produced by that country.
Set up in March 2014 and occupy 3.8 hectare of lands, Museum Angkut houses close to 500 exhibits representing any modes of transportation ever used in the world.
Most of the automobiles featured in museum are classic cars and if the museum can’t find the real one, they will put the replicas inside the museum.
Admission price:
Weekdays (Mon-Fri) – IDR 70,000
Weekends (Sat-Sun) – IDR 85,000
Free admission for chidlren below 85 cm height.
If you bring digital camera (except handphone), you need to pay additional IDR 30,000 for the camera.
Museum Angkut is divided into several zones:
-Zone Sunda Kelapa and Batavia
This zone bring back old memories of Sunda Kelapa port area, complete with old cars and bicycles.
The museum has about 100 bicycles and some of them are from well known brands like Gazelle, Simplex, Raleigh and Fongers.
There are also the chainless Beveltech bicycles made in Japan in the 1900s
-Zone Gangster Town & Broadway Street
In this zone, visitors enter a Broadway area and visitors can take photo with Ford cars made in 1970s. The cars are parked along the road known for its gangsters. This zone is also designed like gangsters town.
-Zone Europe
Visitors will find Italian, French and German cars collection which makes visitors feel like they are on world tour.
-Zone Buckingham Palace
England as the famous kingdom in the world is proven as producer of world class transportation like Blackburn, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce, Raligh and also LandRover cars. Visitors can also take photo with the replica of the famous England double decker bus.
-Zone Las Vegas & Hollywood
In this zone, visitors will able to find cars produced in America and cars used in Hollywood movie.

After finished exploring the museum, we visited Floating Market outside the museum. We hired a boat to go one circle around Floating Market.

At Floating market, you can find a lot of stalls selling traditional Indonesian foods and cheap toys for children.

If you visit Batu Malang, Museum Angkut is definitely a must visit place at least for half day. However, it’s better not to visit Museum Angkut during Indonesian School Holiday else you will see a lot of people in this museum and you will have difficulty to take photo of the old cars.

The address of Museum Angkut:

Jl. Terusan Sultan Agung Atas no 2, Kota Wisata Batu 65314, Malang, Indonesia.


Fun day at Batu Secret Zoo

Batu City is a city located in East Java Province of Indonesia. Batu City is situated about 20 km to the northwest of Malang and lies on the southern slopes of Welirang mountain. Since its location is on the mountain, the weather in Batu City is very cool and average temperature in Batu City is about 17-18 degree Celcius.

There is large zoo in Batu City called Batu Secret Zoo, The zoo is very large and it could be one of the biggest recreation park in Indonesia. In my opinion, visiting Batu Secret Zoo is a well spend holiday and I find the zoo is very interesting. If you happen to visit Batu City, you should spend at least half day to visit Batu Secret Zoo.

Batu secret zoo is fairly clean and inside the zoo, visitors can see a wide range of animals from around the world. All animals look so healthy and very well treated.

Below shows the map of Batu Secret Zoo:



Since Batu Secret Zoo is called a family recreation park, visitors can also find a small theme park and small water play area. There are also various food court available inside Batu Secret Zoo and believe me, the food price is cheap and the taste is good.

When you visit Batu Secret Zoo, please do not forget to visit their Safari Farm. Inside the Safari Farm, visitors will need to sit on small train and along the journey, visitors can feed various animals like camel, pony horse, deer etc which are divided into several zone. Before the safari farm starts, please do not forget to buy enough carrot to feed the animals and there will be a lot of fun and laughter throughout the safari farm.

Overall, I can say that Batu Secret Zoo is very well maintained and the animals are very well treated. I am sure you will have fun visiting this zoo especially Family Farm attraction which suitable for adults and kids as well.

The address of Batu Secret Zoo:
Jl. Raya Oro-Oro Ombo No.9, Batu Malang.