Yogyakarta 5D4N School Holiday

On summer school holiday (June 2018), we headed to Yogyakarta, a city in Indonesia known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage. There are variety of available attractions especially outside Yogyakarta city like Kidul Mountain area and the famous Borobudur temple area.

Below shows our holiday itinerary:

Day 1

-Journey by Ranggajati train from Surabaya to Yogyakarta.

-Checked in at Melia Purosani Hotel

-Swimming time

-Dinner at Gudeg Yudjum (dry gudeg)

-Ride “Odong odong” at Alun Alun Kidul

-Strolling at Malioboro street and bought Samijaya Spring Roll (aka Lumpia)

-Sleep time.

Day 2

-Departed 7am and headed to Jomblang Cave.

Unfortunately, when we arrived at Jomblang Cave, the slot was fully taken and we can’t go down to Jomblang Cave. There are only 80 slots per day available to visit Jomblang cave.

We recommend visitors to depart at 6am from Yogyakarta and arrive at Jomblang cave around 8 am to guarantee the spot.

-Tubbing time at Pindul Cave and Oyo River.

-Selfie time at Hutan Pinus Pengger and Jurang Tembelan.

-Headed to Magelang and stayed at Shankara Borobudur Hotel.

Day 3 (Vesak Day)

-Visited Mendut Temple and bought Lantern Festival ticket (11pm at Borobudur temple).

-Selfie time at Chicken Church and Camera House.

-Visited Wisata Alam Kalibiru

-Went back to hotel and enjoyed the swiimming pool at Shankara Borobudur hotel.

-Flew Lantern at Borobudur Temple.

-Sleep tight before woke up again 4 hours later.

Day 4

-Sunrise moment at Borobudur Temple.

-Breakfast and swimming time at Shankara Borobudur hotel.

-Jeep tour at Mount Merapi.

-Historic learning at Prambanan Temple with interesting guide (Mr Suprix)

-Visited Bakpia 25 factory

-Checked in at Melia Purosani Hotel

-Go-jek ing Gudeg Ceker Mbok Joyo and Gudeg Permata (wet gudeg).

Day 5

-Swimming time again 🙂

-Checked out hotel and visited Hamzah batik outlet at Malioboro Street.

-Batik art and craft for the children.

-Lunch with old friend at Raminten (at Hamzah Batik level 3).

-Went back to Surabaya by Argo Wilis train.

The kids enjoyed their short holiday especially the Lantern Festival experience at Borobudur temple at Vesak Day celebration.


Japan 14D13N Winter Holiday

On last year Dec, we had our 1st winter holiday at Japan. This is the holiday that the kids waiting for because they wanted to see the snow and build the snowman.

Below shows our holiday itinerary:

Day 1
-Midnight flight from Singapore to Narita
-Dropped our baggage at Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
-Visited Asakusa and try the famous Kameju Dorayaki
-Ricksaw ride around Asakusa
-Snacking time at Nakamise-dori
-Dinner at Daikokuya Tempura
-Fun time with owl at Oz Owl Cafe Asakusa
-Checked in Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
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Day 2
-Bought cute Bento box at Tokyo train station
-One fun day at Tokyo Disneyland
-Checked in Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort
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Day 3
-Play time at Tokyo Disneysea
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Day 4
-Checked out Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort
-Explored Ginza and lunch at Ippudo Ramen Ginza
-Tokyo Imperial Palace
-Amazing view at Tokyo Sky Tree
-Spectacular illumination show at Caretta Shiodome
-Checked in Grand Prince New Hotel Takanawa
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Day 5
-Went to Lake Kawaguchi by bus from Shinjuku station
-Kawaguchi Ropeway
-Lunch: Hot & tasty Houtou noodle nearby Lake Kawaguchi
-En Soleil Boat Cruise at Lake Kawaguchi
-Unique Japan traditional house at Saito Iyashi Sato Nemba and rented Japanese Kimono.
-Dinner: Crunchy tempura at Fuji Tempura Idaten
-Went back to Tokyo by bus
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Day 6
-Christmas celebration at Tokyo Baptist Church
-Lunch: Uoriki Kaisen sushi nearby Shibuya station
-Strolling around Shibuya and the famous Shibuya crossing
-Snacking time at Takeshita-dori

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Day 7
-Checked out Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa
-Flight to Hakodate via Haneda airpot
-Checked in WBF Grande Hakodate hotel
-Lunch: Pork Tonkatsu at restaurant nearby hotel
-Mount Hakodate ropeway and enjoying spectacular view of Halodate city from Mount Hakodate
-Dinner: Had famous cheese burger at Lucky Pierrot burger

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Day 8
-Breakfast at Hakodate Morning Market
-Visited Goryukaku Park and Tower
-Lunch: Yummy shio ramen at Menchuboajisai opposite Goryukaku Park
-Visited a lot of church at Hachimanzaka
-Went to Hakodate Bay area to buy souvenirs and chocolate

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Day 9
-Checked out WBF Grande Hakodate hotel
-Took semi rapid train to Sapporo and the journey took 4 hours
-Checked in Ibis Hotel Sapporo
-Lunch: Soba noodle at Susukino
-Shopping time at Tanukikoji shopping street
-Snow play at Odori Park

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Day 10
-Took rapid train for 2 hours to Asahikawa station
-One fun day at Asahiyama Zoo. Favorite attraction is Penguin Parade.
-Lunch: Asahiyama Ramen and Japanese curry rice at Asahiyama Zoo food court
-Dinner: MOS burger at Aeon Mall Asahikawa Station
-Boarded the train back to Sapporo
-Bought the famous Kinotoya bake cheese tart at Stellar Place Sapporo

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Day 11
-One fun day at Tomamu Hoshino Ski Resort. Activities we did was sbow sledding, snow fight, snow banana boat, build snowman and ice skating at Ice Village inside Tomamu resort
-Lunch: Western food at Green Kitchen Hoshino Resort
-Dinner: Japanese Ramen at Noodles Miyabi, Foresta Mall Hoshino Resort
-Went back to Sapporo using train

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Day 12
-Visited Otaru during New Year Eve
-Snacking time at Le Tao Cheesecake
-Lunch: Fresh seafood nearby Otaru Canal
-Otaru canal and boat cruise
-Went back to Sapporo

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Day 13
-It’s New Year. We headed to Takino Suzuran Park to play ski and snow sledding.
-Lunch: Japanese Ramen and Hokkaido Croquette
-Sapporo Ferris Wheel
-Dinner: Matsuya at Susukino

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Day 14
-Went to Chitose airport using limousine bus nearby Ibis Sapporo hotel.
-Play time at Doraemon Waku Waku park
-Flight to Singapore via Tokyo.

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Bandung 8D7N Itinerary

During Sep 2017 school holiday, we went to Bandung for one week family vacation.

This time, we wanted to enjoy our holiday and took everything slow. The main focus will be for our children happiness.

We used two hotels for this trip: Best Western Premier La Grande hotel at Bandung and Villa Chava Minerva Bambu at Cikole Village.

Below shows our 8D7N itinerary:

Day 1
-Lunch time at Ayam Geprek Bensu
-Swimming time at Best Western Hotel
-Dinner at Grilled Beef Ribs Si Jangkung
-Cihampelas walk (tried Bakso Boedjangan)
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Day 2
-Sunday service at GBI Bethel Bandung
-Paskal Hypersquare and Paskal Food Market
-Swimming time at Best Western hotel
-Bandung Indah Plaza Mall
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Day 3
-Paris Van Java shopping mall
-Trans Studio Bandung
-Dinner at Kafe Betawi Trans Studio Mall
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Day 4
-Patenggang Lake
-Lunch at Pinisi Resto
-Kawah Putih
-Feed the deer at Ranca Upas
-Dinner at Sindang Reret Ciwidey
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Day 5
-Visited Farm House Susu Lembang
-Lunch at Kampung Daun
-Visited Kota Mini Lembang
-Lembang Floating Market
-Romantic dinner at The Peak
-Spent a night at Villa Chava Minerva Bambu
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Day 6
-Children outdoor activities at Grafika Cikole
-Lunch at Gubug Mang Engking
-Visited Tangkuban Perahu and hiking to Domas Crater
-Dinner at Dusun Bambu
-Back to Bandung
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Day 7
-Rumah Mode Factory Outlet
-Swimming time at Best Western hotel
-Dinner at KFC nearby hotel
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Day 8
-Went back to Singapore from Husein Sastranegara Airport

15D14N South Korea Itinerary

This was our family first long overseas holiday and I am really satisfied going around Korea for 2 weeks. Our 3 years waiting time was finally paid off.

🙏🏻 I want to give thanks to Jesus and I am really grateful for His perfect protection upon us while we are going around Korea.

😘Thank you to my super duper excellent itinerary planner since he was studying about Korea for about 6 months.

😊고맙습니다  to our Jeju tour guide (Mr Lee Hong Min) for giving us excellent advice and support during our 2 days travel in Jeju island.

😚Thank you for all families & friends who keep praying for us.

Below shows our itinerary in Korea:

13 June
-Flight to KL
-Supper at KLIA2 (Mc Donalds)
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14 June
-Flight to Incheon
-Dropped baggage at Hotel Loft
-Lunch at Hongkong Banjum Dangsan.
-Namdaemun market
-Sunday service at BIC Korea
-Checked in at hotel Loft.
-Dinner: korean fried chicken & coke (Yangnyeom-Tongdak).
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15 June
-Breakfast at Hotel Loft
-Went to Gangnam station by subway & took bus 5002 to Everland
-Happy day at Everland
-Lunch at Everland Holland Village
-Checked in at Q Goodstay hotel
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16 June
-Fun day at Carribean bay
-Lunch at Carribean Bay (Madrid Café)
-Took bus 5002 and go back to Gangnam
-Checked in Hotel Loft
-Dinner: Korean Gimbap and yummy Topokki – Korean Rice Cake.
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17 June
-Took taxi to Goyang city and alight at Kintex exhibition 2 parking lot.
-Visited My Love from The Star exhibition drama set
-Took bus no 58 from Kintex to Onemount Shopping Mall
-Playing time at Onemount Snow Park. My girls love it so much…
-Eat at McDonald (trying Bulgogi burger since it is only available in Korea).
-Flight to Jeju from Gimpo airport
-Checked in at Four Seasons Hotel.
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18 June
-Teseum Bear Safari Museum
-Osulloc Green Tea Museum
-Jeju Glass Castle
-Hello Kitty Island
-Eating Fresh Seafood Hotpot (Haemul-jeongol) & Sea Urchin & Seaweed Soup (Seongge Miyeok-guk)
-Jeongbang waterfall. At this place, we also buy traditional Jeju sweet rice cake (Omaegi-tteok) since my hubby really want to try it.
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19 June
-Samyang black beach
-Lunch (Pork Noodle Soup – Gogi guksu)
-Sunrise peak
-Sangumburi crater
-Mini mini land
-Dinner (Jeju Black pig – Heukdwaeji at famous Neulbom restaurant).
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20 June
-✈️ to Busan. We decided to buy Lotteria burger for lunch.
-Checked in at Paragon Hotel.
-Went to BIFF (don’t forget to visit Etude House); patronize Over The Rainbow cafe; Yongdusan Park; Busan tower.
-Gamcheon village.
-Gwangwali beach.
-Dinner at “Guess who?” Restaurant.
-Went back to Paragon hotel.
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21 June
-Took bus to Tongyeong from Busan Seobu terminal.
-Took taxi to Benikea Anchovy hotel and put our luggage at hotel.
-Went to Ferry terminal and buy ticket to Jangsado/Camelia Island.
-Lunch time (Chungmu gimbap) & wait for ferry.
-Jangsado/Camelia Island.
-Hallyeosudo Ropeway.
-Gangguan harbor.
-Bought traditional Tongyeong snack (Kkulbang) and we had dinner of Korean Fried chicken and coke again😓
-Checked in at Benikea hotel
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22 June
-Dongpirang village.
-Lunch at Gangguan harbor. This time we try famous Tongyeong version of Bimbimbap (Meonggae Yukwak Bibimbap). After lunch, we go back to hotel to collect our luggage and quickly go to Tongyeong terminal.
-On the way to Seoul.
-Dinner around Loft hotel (Korean pork rib hot pot)
-Visited Hollys coffee Dangsan branch.
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23 June
-Breakfast near hotel (this time we try chicken teriyaki fried rice and beef porridge)
-Took ITX Chuncheon from Yongsan to Gapyeong.
-Took Gapyeong bus tour to Petite France.
-Lunch at Mr Dakgalbi.
-Biking time at Gangchon rail bike.
-Went to Nami Island
-Checked in at Naminara hotel.
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24 June
-Breakfast (Yeongga Dosirak – lunch box)
-Explore Nami Island (we rent family bike)
-Lunch (Chicken & Pork Bbq)
-Went back to Loft hotel.
-Took a rest at Loft hotel and clean up our body.
-Went to Yoido Full Gospel church.
-Dinner at Myeongdong Kyoja.
-Went to Seoul Namsan tower.
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25 June
-Went to Gwanghwamun.
-Took photo with Korea Hanbok, King Sejong status and Admiral  Yi Sun Shin statue.
-Explored Gyeongbokgung.
-Lunch at Palsaik Samgyupsal
-Bukchon Hanok Village
-Cheonggyecheon stream.
-Dinner at Mr Pizza
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26 June
-Brunch near hotel (Spicy tuna bibimbap, Vegetable porridge and tuna porridge)
-Went to Namdaemun market by subway.
-Visited famous Shinsagae department store.
-Dongdaemun market.
-Dinner nearby Dongdaemun market (this time we try Korean Beef Bulgogi, Japanese udon and Korean Jajang Rice cake).
-Packing and preparing to go back to Singapore
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27 June
-Took airport limousine bus 6008 to Incheon airport.
-Flight to KL
-Transit at KL (dinner at KLIA2)
-Flight to Singapore
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