Food review: Uoriki Kaisen Sushi

We visited Uoriki Kaisen Sushi on Christmas Day last year. After celebrating Christmas at Tokyo Baptist Church, we straight away went to Tokyu department store nearby Shibuya station. Uoriki Kaisen Sushi located at Basement 1, near the supermarket.

We visited Uoriki Kaisen Sushi because of its location. On top of that, the sushis are affordable, nice and fresh. The waiting time are also not that long (around 15 minutes). This is a good choice especially if you travel with your kids.

Uoriki Kaisen Sushi serves exceptionally fresh sushi and sashimi at affordable prices. It is a hidden gem in Tokyo and I recommend this place when you are looking for a place to eat in Shibuya.

Uoriki Kaisen Sushi able to serve fresh sushi and sashimi because their core business is seafood retail – supplying fresh seafood to supermarkets and department stores directly from Tsukiji market.

The basic Sushi Set  is very value-for-money and affordable. It comes with ten pieces of sushi and it cost only 990 yen. You also should try their Tuna Sushi Set which comes with maguro nigiri, maguro gunkan and otoro nigiri. The cost of tuna set is 1,290 yen.

Uoriki Kaisen Sushi also provide English menu so visitors will not have difficulty to order in this sushi restaurant. Since the place is quite small, visitors need to write their name at reservation book and once your turn is up, the waitress will call you straight away. The sushi will be made on the spot, in front of you which guarantee the freshness of the sushi.

My kids really love the sushi because it’s very fresh and taste nice. My first daughter able to finish the 10 piece sushi set by herself. 

If you do not want to order sushi set, you could also order ala-carte. You just need to tell the waiter which sushi you want to order and the quantity. 

Uoriki Kaisen Sushi is a place where we will return again. If you are going to Tokyo for holiday, you must visit this place. 

Uoriki Kaisen Sushi

B1 Tokyu Department Store

2-24-1 Shibuya, Tokyo


Food Review: The Peak Resort Dining

While we were at Lembang, we visited The Peak Resort Dining, a restaurant located at the hills of Lembang offer natural scenery of Bandung. This restaurant is suitable for romantic dinner with your loved one. You can choose either indoor or outdoor seating.

The place is very relaxing and clean. Decoration set as a romantic place with candlelight for dinner. For the menu, visitors can choose western foods like steak, pasta or various local Indonesian foods.




We ordered combination of western and local Indonesian food. We had Chicken Fettucini, Indonesian Chicken Soto (aka Chicken Yellow Soup) and Spicy Mie Tek Tek on that night. The food taste is nice and the ambience is lovely and romantic.




If you want relaxing lunch or dinner, romantic place, cool weather and lovely mountain view, then The Peak Resort Dining is your great choice to have lunch/dinner with your loved one.

The Peak Resort Dining
Jln Desa Karyawangi KM 6.8 No 388 Ciwaruga,Parongpong Bandung Barat – Jawa Barat

Food Review: Kampung Daun

When we went to Lembang, we visited Kampung Daun restaurant for lunch. Kampung Daun is a restaurant offers own private hut giving sense of privacy and intimacy with amazing view of natural surroundings. Each hut is made from natural materials, set up in a rainforest setting together with running streams of waterfall which give calm and relaxing feeling for visitors.

In each hut, Kampung Daun provided “Kentongan” (aka wooden slit drum) for visitors to call the waitress. What a unique and traditional way of communication used in Kampung Daun.

We ordered three Indonesian foods for our lunch:
1. Kampung Daun Fried Rice
Fried Rice is a popular food in Indonesia and this time, the dish was decorated interestingly by Kampung Daun. They served the Fried Rice, egg, satay, chili and cracker in each bowl which makes the whole dish looks interesting and appealing to eat. For the taste, unfortunately, it’s nothing exciting and the taste is not extraordinary.


2. Batagor
Batagor is Sundanese Indonesian fried fish dumplings usually served with peanut sauce. It is traditionally made from tenggiri (wahoo) fish meat. Just like siomay, other complements to batagor are steamed cabbage, potatoes, bitter gourd and tofu. Batagor is cut into bite size pieces and topped with peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, chili sauce and a dash of lime juice.

The appearance of the dish is interesting and the taste is also good, although not so special.


3. Indonesian Beef Ball Soup (aka Bakso)
Bakso is also one of popular street food in Indonesia. It’s quite simple dish but at Kampung Daun, the soup is delicious and tasty. The beef ball is also having nice taste, perfectly eaten with white rice and Indonesian chili.


In overall, we really enjoyed our lunch at Kampung Daun. It’s well spend lunch at a private hut while enjoying calm and relax rainforest and waterfall.

Kampung Daun Restaurant
Villa Triniti, Jalan Sersan Bajuri KM. 4,7, Cihideung, Cigugur Girang, Parongpong, Cigugur Kabupaten Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat 40154, Indonesia

Food Review: Sindang Reret Ciwidey

After explored South of Bandung, we visited Sindang Reret Ciwidey, a Sundanese restaurant on the way back to Bandung.

Since it was weekdays, we was the only customer at this restaurant. The waitress which dressed in Kebaya greeted us with smile and offered us two options for dinner: dine as usual by sitting on the chair or dine as Indonesian way called “lesehan”. We chose the later one and she escorted us to one of the gazebo.




Each guest will have their own gazebo and there is a small pool nearby the gazebos. Our kids loved the pool so much because they also saw a lot of big fish inside the pool. Visitors can also enjoy the cool weather, calm and relaxing atmosphere in this restaurant. Too bad, the Angklung show (traditional Indonesian music show) did not performed that day so we was not able to enjoy it.

After browsed their menu, we ordered Fried Gurame Fish, Stir Fried Kangkong, Fried Tofu Mayonnaise, Indonesian Sambal and White Rice. Although there are simple dish but the taste is very good and delicious.






They fried the Gurame Fish perfectly and very crispy, no fishy smell and no soil taste. The stir fried kangkong is also excellent, fresh and delicious.
The Indonesian sambal is spicy and perfect companion for Fried Gurame fish and hot white rice.

Overall, it’s a well spend dinner for us and the price was also not so expensive. Total bill is around IDR 207,000 for 4 of us.

If you happen to visit Ciwidey area, please do not forget to visit Sindang Reret Ciwidey as one of your lunch or dinner options.

Sindang Reret Ciwidey
Jl. Raya Provinsi Ciwidey, Pasirjambu, Tenjolaya, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40972, Indonesia

Food Review: Kafe Betawi

After visited Trans Studio Bandung, we visited Kafe Betawi inside Trans Studio Shopping Mall for dinner. We chose this restaurant because we wanted to try Betawi cuisine.

When we entered the restaurant, the waitress politely asked us the number of pax and accompanied us to our table. After browsed the menu, we ordered 3 main dishes and 1 side dish.

1. Spicy Mie Tek Tek


Mie Tek Tek is like Malay fried noodle with little bit of gravy plus prawn cracker and Melinjo cracker. I loved the noodle and the spicy taste complement well with the sweetness of the noodle.

2. Soto Betawi
Soto Betawi is a native Betawi dish and the main typical ingredients include beef in a soup that’s made from both coconut milk and fresh milk, simmered with aromatic herbs and spices like galangal, garlic, shallots, kaffir lime leaves, and candlenut.
It’s best eaten with the white rice and spicy Indonesian chili.


The soup itself was a bit salty so it’s better to eat combined with white rice.

3. Nasi Liwet (aka Liwet Rice) with Empal (an Indonesian sweet and spicy fried beef meat)
Liwet rice is a succulent rice dish cooked in coconut milk, chicken broth and spices. In this restaurant, the Liwet rice is wrapped with banana leaves combined with Empal, Fried Tempeh, Fried Tofu and Spicy Indonesian Chili. What a typical dish from Indonesia.


Overall, this dish is quite an experience for being able to taste rice cooked in coconut milk combine with sweet fried beef meat plus the nice and spicy Indonesian chili.

4. Asinan Bogor (aka Bogor Fruit Pickles)
This side dish has mixed of sweet, salty and sour taste. With the addition of fruits, it makes this dish very tasty and fresh. You need to try this side dosh when you visit Bandung or Bogor.


After paid the bill, the waitress came again to our table and asked for our review on their food taste. What a nice and attentive service from the waitress.

Overall, it’s well spend dinner at Kafe Betawi. The service is good and the food taste is delicious and tasty.

Food Review: Mr Jangkung Grilled Beef Ribs

Mr Jangkung Grilled Beef Ribs is one of recommended culinary place in Bandung, Indonesia. We visited this restaurant for our first day dinner at Bandung.

We reached this place around 6.30 pm and there was already a lot of people had dinner here. As long as we ate dinner at this place, the restaurant was always full.




For our dinner, we ordered 2 type of dishes:
1. Grilled Beef Ribs
2. Grilled Beef Cubes

Both dishes served with hot plate and that’s when the beef meat was grilled.

-Great and balanced taste (not so sweet and salty). It’s best to eat with white rice, chili and cracker.
-Served with hot plate and grilled in front of you
-Big serving of beef meat
-Quick service

-No decoration
-Traffic jam slightly before we reached this restaurant
-A bit pricey

Rating: 4.5/5

It’s indeed a nice dinner and we will come back again if we visit Bandung in the future

Iga Bakar Si Jangkung
Jalan Cipaganti No 75G
Pasteur, Sukajadi, Bandung
West Java 40161, Indonesia

Food Review: Ayam Geprek Bensu

We visited Ayam Geprek Bensu today for lunch. This restaurant located at Jalan Buah Batu no 45 Bandung. Ayam Geprek Bensu is owned by famous Indonesian Celebrity and bacame famous recently.





There is no airconditioner inside the restaurant and their menu is mainly Smashed Fried Chicken served with Indonesian Chili. Visitor can also choose Smashed Fried Chicken served with Shreeded Cheese or Smashed Fried Chicken served with Melted Mosarella Cheese.

Another special set meal is Smashed Fried Chicken with Tutuq Oncom but this special meal was not available. When I wanted to order side dish Tempe Geprek, I was disappointed again to know that this side dish is not available.

For each meal, visitors also have freedom to decide the spicy level of the Indonesian Chili ranging from level 0 to level 10. The chili is truly very hot although I only choose Level 3.

The speed of service is very slow although there are not a lot of visitors at that time.

-Chicken is crispy
-The Indonesian chili is good and very spicy

-No airconditioner
-Service is very slow
-Not all menu is available which is quite disappointing
-Toilet inside restaurant is dirty

Rating: 2.5 / 5 (Nothing special, can find similar/better food at other restaurant)

Ayam Geprek Bensu
Jalan Buah Batu no 45
Malabar, Lengkong, Bandung