South Korea Day 5: Goyang City

Day 5 was exciting day for me and my girls. I can visit “My Love From The Star” drama set and my girls can play in Onemount Snow Park

[10.30am-11am] Take taxi to Goyang city and alight at Kintex exhibition 2 parking lot.

[11am-12pm] Visiting My Love from The Star (one of my favorite drama) exhibition drama set. We are lucky to be able to visit this exhibition.

We took photo service at Do Min Joo balcony but too bad, the quality is not soo good

Literally, you can take a lot of photo in drama exhibition set because the set was built according to the actual drama scene.



[12pm-12.30pm] Take bus no 58 from Kintex to Onemount Shopping Mall
[12.30pm-1pm] Take picture at Onemount Shopping Mall.

[1pm-4pm] Playing time at Onemount Snow Park. My girls love it so much because there is quite a lot activities inside the park.

[4pm-6pm] Eat at McDonald (trying Bulgogi burger since it is only available in Korea) & walk around at Onemount shopping mall.

Unfotunately, the McD bulgogi burger is not that nice. The rest of menu can be found in other country.

[6pm-6.40pm] Go to Gimpo airport

[7.40pm to 8.40pm] Fly to Jeju using Jeju Air.

[8.40pm to 9.30pm] Welcome to Jeju, collect our luggage, buy pack food at 7-11 and queuing for taxi.

[9.30pm-9.45pm] Arrive at Four Seasons Hotel, check in and sleep.


South Korea Day 4: Fun Day at Carribean Bay

16 June Carribean Bay!! Oyeeeaaaah!!

[9am-10am] We had our simple breakfast at Q hotel.

[10am-10.10am] After breakfast we were starting to walk from the back of the Q hotel to Everland/Carribean Bay shuttle bus stop. It was about 10 minutes walking distance.

[10.30-5pm] We were taking picture at the Carribean Bay gate for a while then we went to purchase Bay coins.

Bay coins is a tag with bar code put on your wrist. You need Bay coins to purchase snacks, food, rent towel, rent chair etc. So basically there is no cash transaction at Carribean Bay. All we need to do is just showing the tag and they will scan it for any purchase/rent made. You can also top up the Bay coins if the balance is already very low.

Then…it’s play time!!! 😀

My hubby and I tried this aqua loop. It was quite scary, cool and fun hahahha….But too bad we could not record our partner from the top. So we could only record it from the ground.

Playing at wave pool. It’s very fun……

[1pm] Our lunch break at Carribean Bay (Madrid Café). The menu were:

1. Spaghetti Bolognese with rice

2. Korean meal seat consist of spicy soup and minced pork. It’s very delicious.

3. Curry rice with pork chop.

The portion is quite big. If you are not big eater, it should be enough for 2 persons

[5pm-6pm] Since the indoor play close at 5pm and Carribean bay closed around 7pm, we quickly end our play time and go back to locker room for taking shower and preparing to go back to Seoul.

[6pm-6.10pm] Collect our bag from Q goodstay hotel

[6.20pm-7pm] Take bus 5002 and go back to Gangnam. You need to wait at Everland shuttle bus station to take bus 5002. It’s the same location where you arrived at Everland.

[7pm-8pm] Take taxi to hotel Loft. It took us one hour for taxi drive because of traffic jam during rush hours.

After reaching hotel and we all are very hungry, my hubby go to small store nearby hotel and buy Korean Gimbap and yummy Topokki – Korean Rice Cake.


South Korea Day 3:Fun time in Everland

15 June EVERLAND!!

[8.30am-9.30am] Breakfast time

[9.30am-10am] We were on the way to Gangnam station by subway. Actually, all of our friends suggested us not to go to Gangnam area since MERS patients were located at Samsung Medical Center at Gangnam. Since we wake up slightly late on that day, we decided to take bus 5002 from Gangnam to Everland. The journey on bus 5002 is shorter compare to using subway all the way to Everland.

How to go to Everland: Take subway to Gangnam station (Subway Line 2) and take exit 10. Upon exiting, just walk straight all the way until you find a bus stop in front of “WHO.A.U” shop. You can spot it easily because you will see many people queue at the bus stop. It takes 40-50 minutes to reach Everland.

[10am-11am] We were on the bus 5002 to Everland.

[11am-8pm] Finally, we reach Everland.

For foreigner, please remember to download or save Everland discount coupon from Everland website before you buy Everland tickets. Once you reach Everland, please go to ticket booth for foreigner and show your foreigner identification (e.g. passport) and discount coupon to receive special discount from Everland.



  In Everland, you can find a lot of stall selling ice cream. My daughter’s favorite ice cream is the mini melts ice cream. At that time we choose Chocolate, Cotton Candy and Rainbow ice flavor.

Afternoon parade in Everland.

When you visit Everland, I recommend you to visit Everland garden. It is very beautiful and relaxing to see a lot of flowers.


  Night parade in Everland.

[4pm] We had our late lunch & early dinner at Everland Holland Village. We choose Rotisserie Chicken & Grilled Vegetables and Japanese Udon for me and my daughter.


  • Udon

[8pm-8.30pm] After night parade, we were heading Q good stay hotel & check in. Q goodstay hotel is located quite near to Everland. It is about 10 minutes walking distance from Everland shuttle bus stop. If you take taxi, it is about 5 minutes and it cost only around 3500 won.

South Korea Day 2: Seoul, Namdaemun Market, BIC

 14 June Welcome to Seoul🇰🇷
[1am-8am] We were on the ✈ to Incheon

[8am-10am] Touched down safely! Shalom Seoul! Shalom Incheon! Shalom Korea! 📢📢📢 Speedy health & economic recovery will be happened in the name of Jesus!🙏🏻

After that, we cleared immigration, collected our luggage and collected wifi egg reserved by my hubby at SK roaming counter.

One thing not to forget is buying T-money card (the top up card that can be used for subway, bus, taxi etc). We bought ours at nearby 7-11 store at Incheon airport.

And coincidentally, I saw beautiful terrariums as the decorations at Incheon airport. I quickly take some photos because I love terrarium.

One thing you must try when you visit Korea is the banana milk sold at every convenience store in Korea. My hubby craving for it for a long time 😅 since we often see it in Korean drama. We bought banana milk & other milks at 7-11 and the taste is so goooood.

When we got our taxi, my hubby automatically opened the left side door because the driver is always sitting on the right side in Singapore & Indonesia. But It is different in Korea hehehe.😅

[10am-11am] We were heading hotel Loft to put our luggages since we were not able to check in yet.

[11am-12pm] We were walking around and found Hongkong Banjum Dangsan. My hubby is very happy because he plan to visit this restaurant at Busan and he never expect it to be so near to our hotel. He quickly order four dishes and all of them are so yummy!😍😍😍

How to go to Hongkong Banjum Dangsan branch: Take subway to Dangsan station (Subway line 9) and take exit 13. Upon exit, just walk straight until you find Hongkong Banjum restaurant at your right. Before you reach Hongkong Banjum, you will also see Starbucks outlet.

  • Jajangmyeon – the noodle is perfectly boiled and it blend well with the black bean sauce.

  • Jjampong – the soup is very tasty and it makes you want to eat more and more. I recommend you try Hongkong Banjum Jjampong when you visit Korea next time.

  • Tangsuyuk – the chicken meat is very tender and the sauce is very delicious. It is very recommended.

  • Fried noodle – although the looks of it is very simple, the taste is very yummy.

[12pm-12.30pm] We were on the way to Namdaemun market. On escalator, we notice that Korean people always standing on the right side. It is different from Singapore too.

[12.30pm-3pm] We were exploring Namdaemun market for snack & shopping. But most of the shops are closed in Namdaemun market specially in Mesa shopping mall. It was not many seller open on Sunday.

How to go to Namdaemun market: Take subway to Hoehyeon station (Subway Line 4) and take exit 6.


[3.30pm-5pm] My hubby and me have our commitment that we have to go to church every Sunday wherever we are. Actually we were planning to attend Yoido Full Gospel but the timing does not match. At the end, we decided to attend Sunday service at BIC Korea. Surprisingly we met Ps. Niko Prayogo & family there.

[5pm-6pm] We went back to hotel Loft for taking rest and we took away Korean chicken & coke (Yangnyeom-Tongdak) for dinner.

The fried chicken is very crispy and very delicious. For our children, we ordered chicken mayonnaise with rice and it was gone in a few minutes. Our daughters like it so much.

How to go to Oh! Nul Tongdak Dangsan branch: Take subway to Dangsan station (Subway line 9) and take exit 12. Upon exit, just walk straight for about 100m and you will find the restaurant on your left.

Aaah what a long day!😊

South Korea Day 1:Singapore-KL

13 June~The adventure began!! 🙂

[6pm] We left house and heading Changi Airport. Checked in went smoothly. However, I am still a bit nervous of this trip because of the MERS situation at Seoul.

After taking photos at Changi airport, we had our dinner & relaxed at SATS Lounge.

[9pm] Departed from Singapore ✈ and [10pm] Arrived safely at KL 😊

[10pm-11pm] We had our supper at KLIA2 (Mc Donalds). And at that moment, my girl dropped her baby teeth for the very first time.

[11pm-01am] Waiting time at KLIA2