South Korea Day 15: Annyeong Korea

We woke up at 5 am to catch airport limousine bus nearby our hotel. After taking shower, we quickly checked out and walked to the nearby bus stop. We only need to walk 5 minutes to reach the airport limousine bus stop.

From Dangsan, visitors need to take bus 6008 to go to Incheon airport. The bus stop is located opposite of Dangsan Paris Baquette store.

At 6.20am, the bus arrived at the bus stop and we reached Incheon airport at 7.20am. The journey takes about 1 hour from Dangsan to Incheon airport.

We returned the rental wifi router at the airport counter. Since we had not have our breakfast, we bought Quiznos sub for breakfast.

At 9.40am, our plane took off to bring us back to Singapore.
See you next time South Korea. We really enjoyed our two weeks holiday in Korea. We hope that we can come back again for the 3rd time to explore new area/province in South Korea.



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